Automatic Dishwashing soaps with a PH level > 7 may damage the anodized finish or your ECOSTRAW.
Should you require further information on care and cleaning please contact us - we want your ECOSTRAW to last.

The Ecostraw

Ecostraw is here

The Worlds first two-piece compact
personal drinking straw.

Litter in Water

Did You Know?

Did you know that over 500 MILLION straws are used daily across North America?

Let’s help our planet by eliminating a non-recyclable product. Get your reusable Ecostraw today & join the movement.

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Unlike plastic straws which never breakdown and are thrown into landfills or our oceans Ecostraw can be reused and easily cleaned.

Litter in Water

Product Guarantee

We at Ecostraw are committed to making a quality product and while we do our best to inspect each Ecostraw we manufacture sometimes small imperfections may be missed – If you find any imperfections with your Ecostraw please return to us and we will happily replace for free. We want to all work together to provide a great alternative to single use plastic straws – this is our commitment to you.

– Sincerely Rosalind and Michelle

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Help eliminate single use plastic straws