You’ve probably heard about the harmful effects plastic is having in our oceans. We saw this first hand on our travels to Belize Cancun Mexico and Honduras and we could no longer, like you, stand by Idly. We knew there had to be a better way to drink our beverages.

It took six months, input from family And friends, and several design changes to find the perfect replacement for plastic straws. We are so excited to now introduce you to Ecostraw. A compact personal drinking straw that can help you help the planet.

Canadian innovation – global solution!!!

With a background in health care and business – that meant we wanted something that wouldn’t hold bacteria, was easily cleaned and sanitary – food grade aluminum was the best affordable material and with proper care your Ecostraw will last a lifetime.

Ecostraw works for cold, hot and blended beverages. It comes in cool colours, includes a cleaning brush and the funky container can be used as a wash and rinse chamber as well as looking good on your key chain or around your neck on a lanyard when you hit the beach.

Designed in Canada we are proud of our invention and want to thank you for making this small but important decision to carry an ecostraw with you everywhere you go. Show your commitment toward reducing further piles of plastics that never decompose.