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Made from food grade anodized aluminum – color will not chip or fade does not alter taste of beverage and bacteria resistant.  The assembled straw is 194mm (7 5/8″) in length, comprised of two sections each 98mm (3 7/8″) long. The carrying case is approximately 114mm (4 1/2″) long.

Ecostraw works for cold, hot and blended beverages. It comes in cool colours, includes a cleaning brush and the funky container can be used as a wash and rinse chamber as well as looking good on your key chain or around your neck on a lanyard when you hit the beach.

Designed in Canada we are proud of our invention and want to thank you for making this small but important decision to carry an ecostraw with you everywhere you go. Show your commitment toward reducing plastics that never decompose.

The Ecostraw is made of food grade aluminum. These straws are easily assembled with three easy finger tight twists. Ecostraw is available in 5 amazing colours. You can even customize your own straw with two different colours if you really want to stand out.

Select from our 9mm “Blender drink” Ecostraw OR the smaller 6mm “juice box” Ecostraw – Each assembled straw is 194mm in length.

If you want to purchase additional Ecostraws – so you can create your own custom two color Ecostraw OR you lost your Ecostraw you can purchase a replacement.

*NOTE* : It has come to our attention that some of the cleaning brushes may not be up to our high quality standards – if you have ANY issue with your brush please contact us and we will happily send you an improved replacement at no cost.


Care Instructions

  • DO NOT over tighten. Once connected, a light finger tight twist is all you need – depending on how much you “play” with your straw during use you may need to occasionally re-finger tighten your two piece Ecostraw
  • Wash with PH neutral or PH <7 soaps only – rinse with water for best results
  • When used for hot beverages test temperature to your comfort level
  • Fill container with lemon juice, water, vinegar (almost any non-poisonous liquid) for cleaning straw when away from home
  • Once you have cleaned your straw – discard liquid
  • Use cleaning brush by pushing through both ends of separated straw to clean inside then store brush in handy container for next time you need it.
  • DONT forget your straw – if you do lose your straw go to and you can buy a replacement single straw OR customize your straw by having more than one color – mix and match different colours for your own style.